Halotherapy Treatments

Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is an emerging type of natural therapy in the US.  It is widely popular in European countries, and is gaining popularity in the states.  It is completely natural, drug free, non invasive, and safe for all ages, including children.  It works as a “gentle brush” to clean the airways and lungs of mucus, allergens, pollutants and other impurities all while relaxing in a re-created salt cave environment.

The Halotherapy treatment involves relaxing in a room that is equipped with a halogenerator that grinds pharmaceutical grade pure salt into fine micro particles, giving them a beneficial negative ion charge, and releases into the salt room.  The salty air delivers the treatment and is what makes halotherapy effective.  The negative ions activate the healing process on a cellular level, helping the body restore itself naturally and effectively.

How do we differ from a true salt cave?


The Halogenerator is the single most important part of halotherapy.  While a standard salt cave, natural or engineered, will have tons of beneficial negative ion emitting salt, our halogenerator  provides a more effective treatment in much less time.  We can deliver results more quickly and effectively.