All sessions begin at the top of each hour and are by appointment only.

6 Person Adult Room- Moving Special $10 ea until Feb 27.

Adult session                                                                                                                         $25.00 ea.

First time Adult session                                                                                                       $20. 00 ea.

Student/Educational Staff & Military Personnel   (must show school/military ID)        $15.00 ea.


                         Monthly or 3 Month membership are available 

2 Person Adult Room- temporary closed until March 9th

Adult session                                                                         $30.00 ea.

First time Adult session                                                       $25.00 ea.

Children's Room*- temporary closed until March 9th

Children’s Room (6 person maximum)                              $5 per child (1 to 10 year old) / $10 per person (11 year old to adult)

      During the booking process, please do not forget to book children and adult separately. 


     *Children must be accompanied by an adult in the Children's Room

      *Adult must be authorized to sign waiver for child

Ionic Foot Detox                                                                    $25.00 ea.



Massage and Reflexology Session                          See Massage & Reflexology Tab for pricing


Hannah Chamberlin, LMT 

Massage Therapy -- 937-869-2759

Deep Tissue Massage, Salty Massage & Couple/Buddy Massage 

Offers sessions of 30, 60 & 90 min

Melinda Kondracki, LMT, Reflexologist & owner


Relaxation Massage, Reflex Massage, Salty Massage or Reflexology, Couple/Buddy Massage or Reflexology and Reflexology

Offers sessions of 30 & 60 min

NaCl The Salt Spa is committed to providing all of our customers with exceptional care. When a customer cancels without giving enough notice, it prevents another customer from enjoying the experience.  Please cancel 12 hours prior to your appointment. All "No Shows" must provide a credit card to be on file if they would like to rebook for the future. Any future "No show" visits will be charged full price for missed appointment.

                                             Thank you for your understanding

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