The spa offers a coat rack in the lobby and a storage bin in each Salt room to store your belongings. We however are not responsible for anything lost or stolen during your visit to the spa. 

The spa is not responsible for any accidents that occur on the spa property. 



Don't worry!!!! As a courtesy, you should receive an email confirmation of your Booked Appointments!!

Just remember we may remind you but it's still your responsibility to arrive at your appointment date and times! Please read Cancellations carefully, Thank you!


Your appointment time is very important to US and YOU! We understand things come up and schedule adjustments are inevitable.

Therefore, we respectfully ask for you to give us a 24-hour notice of any changes or cancellation!!!

Please understand if you cancel or "No Show" to your Booked appointment without a 24-hour notice it prevents another guest from the opportunity to enjoy our services;

The VERY Important part!!!!


In the event, The Salt Spa doesn't receive a 24-hour notice of cancellation. You're Booked Appointment is subject to a cancellation fee amounting up to 50% of the service cost.


Accidents & Personals Belongings