"I come to the spa weekly to get an Ionic Foot Detox session. The rooms are peaceful with gentle music playing the background. But aside from the atmosphere, I am most impressed with the staff. Each one of them are so sweet and take good care of you during each session. This is my fourth week of detoxing and I can really tell a difference with how I feel. My allergies have bothered and I just feel so good after my sessions. I would recommend this place to anyone. FIVE STARS!" - Chelsea V.

The owner is so kind and friendly and hospitable without being overbearing. Had my first trip to this business today and I plan to be a regular customer. I loved the foot salt half orbs and the soft blankets. I’ve patronized a salt cave in Columbus before, and these salt rooms are more affordable. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed, had clearer airways, and softer skin. This is a great stress reducer. Carve out some “me time” with a session here. Bringing a friend to make someone else feel appreciated and cared for. - Julie

I have been coming to the Salt Spa for a couple of years now . Having used for my breathing issues. I can honestly say without a doubt it works and has helped my breathing to be better. I love the friendliness and peaceful setting. I wish everyone would give it a try. - Jackey A.

The salt Spa is a delightful place for all kinds of healing treatments. The staff is courteous and kind and attentive to everyone who goes in. Just a lovely place to chill and unwind.- Mona E

"The spa and paint nights are a lot of fun. The owners and staff are always friendly and courteous. It is very relaxing."  TK