NaCl The Salt Spa was established in 2017 to bring Halotherapy to Champaign and surrounding county.  Salt therapy is a natural remedy that involves inhaling pure Sodium Chorine (NaCl) in a comfortable, controlled environment.

Our Services




Children Salt Room  
  Newborn to 1 year old FREE
  Child (2 to 10 years old) $5
  11 year old & up $10
Childcare available with children salt room purchase upon request for extra fee of $2 per child.

Semi Private Salt Room                
  Accommodates 6 individuals per session   $25 

Private Salt Room  
  Accommodates 2 individuals per session  $30

Salt Room Memberships Available

Add-On services such as reflexology can be added to a salt session by request for an up charge. Call Spa to request specialized services. 


Ionic Foot Detox

Basic                                          $25

With Massage Chair                 $30


With Salt Glow          add $2 to service

Oxyen Bar with Aromatherapy


10 minute                       $10

20 minute                       $20


30 minute                       $30

Paraffin Wax Bath  

Both Hands $5

Infrared Sauna Pods

10 minute                       $10

20 minute                       $20
30 minute                       $30

Massage Therapy



   30 min  Session                    $30

   60 min Session                     $60

   90 min Session                     $90


    30 min  Session                    $60

    60 min Session                     $120

Reflex Massage (Individual)   

    60 min Session                    $75

Add Salt to any session for a $25 per person upcharge.





 30 min Session       $25

 60 min Session       $50


 30 min Session      $50

 60 min Session      $100

Add Salt to any session for a $25 per person upcharge.


  60 min Session  $55


Many packages to choose from. 

Great for After Hours Birthday Parties, Bridal Shower, Business Retreat, or Friend Night Out.

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