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Salt Spa Etiquette and Guide



Please read up on our Spa Policies for the following


Arrival Time for appointments



No Call No Show

Gift Certifications


Personal Belonging



All children under the age of 12 years old must have an adult present in the spa and Children's salt room.

If the guardian would like to participate in another service while children are in children salt room, you will be required to have a spa staff member present in the children room and an extra fee of $2 per child will be charged.

Dress Code

  • The Salt Spa is about comfort!!  Wear comfy clothes. You will remain in your street clothes, so come dressed to relax!

  • Children Salt Room -  Please bring CLEAN white Socks for all participants!!  This is to help keep our ground Himalayan Salt Clean.

  • Children Salt Room -  Parents please be mindful of children with long hair.  Please put or pin up long hair.  We ask this in an effort to keep the ground salt clean. Thanks for your understanding!!

  • Massage Services are best received when fully undressed.  Best practices is to disrobe to your comfort level!

  • Salt room temperatures range from 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Please dress for your Comfort level! Blankets can be provided upon request.

  • Adult Salt Room -  Please bring CLEAN white Socks for all participants!!  This is to help keep our ground Himalayan Salt and Detox Foot Domes clean.

Things to Remember

  • Warning salt is corrosive and can ruin electronic devices! Plus, electronic devices emit positive ions which we are trying to avoid while in the Halotherapy session. We ask for you not to use the devices during the session but we do understand the need for them for emergencies. 

  • Please feel free to bring a book, magazine, etc. 

  • Smoking, Vaping or other substance use is prohibited in the salt rooms. 

  • Please be prepared to stay in the room for the entirety of your visit.  We ask this in order to keep your visit as relaxing and therapeutic as possible! 

  • Please be courteous of other guests when you talk in the rooms. Keep chat volumes low everyone is there to relax and enjoy our therapeutic services! 

  • No Food or Drinks in the Kids Treatment room: Due to the room having ground salt we ask this in an effort to keep the salt clean.

Tipping is optional and at your discretion. If you enjoyed your time at the Salt Spa and are inclined to tip please feel free to do so!! 

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